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Important Attendance Information

All absences require a documented note from doctors, courts, funeral homes, or a parent-written note upon their return to school. All notes must be submitted within three days to the Attendance Specialist, Belinda Arellano. Please include the following in each note:


-- Student's full legal name --  Reason for absence

-- Student's ID number --  Parent signature

-- Grade -- Parent phone number

-- Date(s) of absence(s) -- Current date


What is an excused absence?

Excused absences included, but are not limited to the following:

-- Extracurricular activity --  Religious holy day -- Illness

-- Medicaid appointment -- Court appearance -- Medical

-- College campus visit -- Human services -- Pre-approved reason(s)

To be excused for a medical reason, the student must have been in school for part of the day and provide a note, from the doctor, that they visited the doctor on the same day. Undocumented or unexcused absences count when a decision is being made to file with the Travis County Court on a student who is in noncompliance with Texas State Law [see AISD Student Information Packet].