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Abi Perroni Staff Photo

Welcome to Abi Perroni`s teacher page! 

Welcome to the website for Ms. Perroni's English II and creative writing classes!

I have tutoring and office hours before school on Wednesdays and by appointment. Please contact me via email or phone if you need to set up a time to come by.  

‎About our class:
You will be expected to be in class on time and ready to learn every day. To be prepared, you need your interactive notebook, writers' notebook,  independent reading book, and a pen. We will read and write for a grade every time we meet. You will respect the opinions of others and our classroom.

 I teach one double-blocked section of English II (1st and 5th periods) and one creative writing class (8th period). I also serve as the campus literacy coach and English department chair. 

You can find course information in the syllabus, which is listed under the forms tab.

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