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Welcome to John Nelson`s teacher page! 

About Me:

Hello! I'm Mr. Nelson and I am beginning my 5th year of teaching and coaching here at Lanier High School. I teach Algebra 1, coach Varsity Girls Basketball, and JV Girls Track.  I am an Austin, TX native and graduated with a B. S. in Psychology from Warren Wilson College in 2009. I then returned to Texas where I began a career in social work before deciding to pursue teaching. I completed my teacher certification through the Region 13 Educator Certification Program in 2012. 

What's here:

Below please find the course Syllabus, My Teaching Schedule, and My Tutoring Times below.



Course Overview:

In this class we will establish foundation concepts for high school mathematics. Throughout the course we will study functions, which represent the systematic dependence of one quantity on another. Students will use functions to represent and model problem situations and to analyze and interpret relationships. We will examine the relationship between functions and equations, and the students will build techniques for working with each. During the course of their studies, students will continually use problem-solving techniques, computation in problem-solving contexts, language and communication, connections within and outside mathematics, and reasoning, as well as, multiple representations, applications and modeling, and justification of solutions.

Course Objectives:

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) will be the foundation for this course. Upon completion of this course, students will:

1)    Understand a function represents a dependence of one quantity on another and can be described in a variety of ways.

2)    Use the properties and attributes of functions.

3)    Understand the meaning of the slope and intercepts of linear functions and interpret and describe the effects of changes in parameters of linear functions in real-world and mathematical situations.

4)    Formulate equations and inequalities based on linear functions, use a variety of methods to solve them, and analyze the solutions in terms of the situation.

5)    Formulate systems of linear equations from problem situations, use a variety of methods to solve them, and analyze the solutions in terms of the situation.

6)    Understand the graphs of quadratic functions are affected by the parameters of the function and can interpret and describe the effects of changes in the parameters of quadratic functions.

7)    Solve quadratic equations using a variety of methods.

8)      Understand there are situations modeled by functions that are neither linear nor quadratic and model the situations.


à         Composition Notebook

à         Box of Pencils (24 count)

à         1 two pocket folder


Class Rules and Expectations

§  No Electronics in class

§  Be on Time: 3 Tardies=1 hour Sat school

§  Do not Talk Over

§  Sit in your assigned seat

§  Work Hard from Bell to Bell.

§  Show Pride Respect and Responsibility

 Classroom Expectations:

Students must follow the Lanier High School rules at all times (see “Student Handbook”). It is the expectation of Lanier High School that all students will have a successful year. To accomplish this goal, the following expectations should be met:

à   Complete each assignment and project by the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed assignments, notes, etc. Late or missed assignments will be accepted according to school policy.

“It is Sidney Lanier High School’s policy to allow one day to make-up work for each day the student is absent from the time the student returns to class. If a student fails to turn in an assignment by the required due date, the student is given three additional days to turn in the assignment for a maximum 70% credit. If the student has not turned in the assignment by the end of three days, the student will get zero credit for the assignment. Students absent on the day of a pre-scheduled test or quiz will be expected to take it on the day they return.”

 Grading Policy:

          Student grades will be calculated based on the following weighting system:

Daily work –   35% of grade

Quizzes –       25% of grade

Tests –            40% of grade


Homework Policy:

Homework will be given most day. Homework assignments must be completed before the quiz for that unit is given. Any homework assignments turned in after a unit quiz or after the end of the six-weeks will not be accepted.

Tests & Benchmark Exams:

Tests will be given one week before the end of each six-weeks. We will review for each test at least one day in advance. The tests will include questions in a variety of formats, including multiple choice and free response. Students will be allowed to complete test corrections until the end of the six-weeks. Test corrections can earn the student up to half of their points back.

There will be benchmark exams as mandated by Austin Independent School District. These will be cumulative in nature and will help prepare you for the STAAR/End of Course exam, counting towards graduation requirements established by the State of Texas


 My Teaching Schedule:

A Day

1st: Freshmen Basketball

2nd: Algebra 1

3rd: Algebra 1

4th: Prep


B Day

5th: JV/Varsity Basketball

6th: Algebra 1

7th: Algebra 1

8th: Conference


My Tutoring Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday during lunch

Or by appointment!