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Lanier High School uses the "House" system which divides students into groups that will be together during their four years of high school. Each House has its own Comprehensive House Counselor who goes above and beyond the duties of: Academic and Personal Counseling, Individual 4-Year Course Planning, and Responsive Services.             


*Repeating 9th graders will contact their House Counselor
Julia Romero Lead Counselor (House of Odin, 10-12) 512-414-7407
Teresa Holcombe  House of Baldr, 10-12 512-414-7408
Cyntia Rodriguez House of Magnus, 10-12 512-414-7410 
Natalia Anderson  9th Grade Counselor - 2021 Cohort 512-414-7482
Nydia Ortiz Early College/Dual Credit Counselor 512-414-7409




It is the goal of the Lanier Counseling Department to ensure that your student has a successful high school experience and is prepared for postsecondary education.  Please contact your student's counselor with any questions or concerns you may have about his/her educational, social and emotional development.